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Understanding and Preventing Point of Sale Attacks

Posted by Kat Casey on October 28, 2015
Blog article featured on the Palo Alto Networks website.

POSTED BY: Josh Grunzweig on October 28, 2015 1:00 PM

In recent years, there have been a number of high-profile stories involving the compromise of point of sale (PoS) devices. My research often involves deep reverse engineering and analysis of various malware families targeting PoS...
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Sagan 1.0.0 (open source) log analysis engine released!

Posted by Champ Clark on October 23, 2015

In June 2010, we completed initial work on Sagan 0.0.1 which was a very basic outline of what we thought a real-time log analysis engine should be. Historically, people treated logs as an archive of only the past activities, and in 2010, many solutions for “log analysis” were based on command line tools and concepts like grep. ...
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Automation in Network Security: Friend or Foe

Posted by Kat Casey on October 08, 2015
Blog article featured on the Palo Alto Networks website.

If you are like most security professionals, you probably feel overwhelmed just thinking about your to-do list: update policies, run reports, extend protections, analyze results, find hidden threats, manage multiple deployments… That list is endless.

Automation seems to be the perfect answer, but most security...
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Quadrant’s Bluedot and Real Malware Detection

Posted by Kat Casey on September 08, 2015

Article authored by Adam Hall, Senior Systems Administrator at Quadrant Information Security

On August 14 2015, news was released about Russian anti-virus company Kaspersky Labs generating ‘Fake’ Malware files to cause competitors software to classify benign data as malicious (Keane, 2015; Menn, 2015).  Two former Kaspersky employees claim that the company has been attempting to damage...
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Levels & Value of Information within Our Reporting :: Accessibility of Security-Related Network Data

Posted by Kat Casey on July 29, 2015

Collaborative content, data and intelligence from Bryant Schumaker.

We strive to provide a good set of defined metrics that allow admins to clearly communicate to executives. We further strive to always arm our customers well for due diligence…whatever, whenever and however they need. There is an advantageous uniqueness in having all the data,...
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The ‘False Positives’ in Threat Intelligence

Posted by Kat Casey on July 21, 2015

Threat intelligence is a big buzzword in the information security space these days, yet the term is starting to get thrown around very loosely.  In a space of so much unpredictability and vulnerability, intelligence is such a critical tool to gain insights on the threat landscape and provide guidance and forecasts to the why and what’s...
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Sagan Flowbit

Posted by Kat Casey on June 08, 2015

These insights were provided by the expertise of Rob Nunley.

Daniel Kahneman is a Doctor of Psychology who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2002 (  It may seem strange, initially, that a Psychologist would win one of the most world-renowned economics awards, but Dr. Kahneman’s...
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The Oz Behind Securing Infosec Technology :: the people

Posted by Kat Casey on May 28, 2015

Why buy a Ferrari if you are not going to drive it? I mean unless you are Floyd Mayweather and literally drive a different color Bugatti depending on what city you are in.  But who has that kind of disposable capital budget?! Your data security is an investment and brings a complex and constantly evolving landscape of threats....
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Posted in Perspectives

Using Sagan with Bro Intelligence feeds

Posted by Champ Clark on February 20, 2015

At Quadrant Information Security, we have been big fans of “Bro” ( for a while and it is one of the tools we use as part of our managed security offerings. If you are not already familiar with Bro and you work in the security space, stop what you’re doing and research...
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A True Partner :: video series

Posted by Kat Casey on February 13, 2015

While other companies may offer security products only Quadrant offers you a complete service. A true partner that stands with you on the front lines of security detection and notification.

Quadrant’s approach to external and internal threat management is comprehensive. We identify, validate, alert, and ultimately help contain all security incidents, while constantly updating and...
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