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Levels & Value of Information within Our Reporting :: Accessibility of Security-Related Network Data

Posted by Kat Casey on July 29, 2015

Collaborative content, data and intelligence from Bryant Schumaker.

We strive to provide a good set of defined metrics that allow admins to clearly communicate to executives. We further strive to always arm our customers well for due diligence…whatever, whenever and however they need. There is an advantageous uniqueness in having all the data,...
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The ‘False Positives’ in Threat Intelligence

Posted by Kat Casey on July 21, 2015

Threat intelligence is a big buzzword in the information security space these days, yet the term is starting to get thrown around very loosely.  In a space of so much unpredictability and vulnerability, intelligence is such a critical tool to gain insights on the threat landscape and provide guidance and forecasts to the why and what’s...
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