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Blog Category // Perspectives

What the Sagan Log Analysis Engine Is…and What It Is Not.

Posted by Champ Clark on August 22, 2016

Article by Champ Clark III.

With so many log analysis tools out there, we sometimes see strange comparisons between the Sagan log analysis engine and unrelated tools. For example, people often ask how Sagan compares to Splunk.  In our opinion, these are two different tools with two different jobs.

For one, the...
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Easing the Compliance Burden :: Sagan Technology & PCI Compliance

Posted by Kat Casey on February 10, 2016

Article published by: Drew Brunson, Senior Information Security Consultant, Quadrant Information Security

For anyone tasked to ensure compliance with the 12 requirements contained in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), one requirement often causes unexpected difficulty, if only because of the variety of systems involved.

Requirement 10 of the...
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JunOS/ScreenOS Vulnerability Helps to Emphasize the Importance of Remote Log Storage

Posted by Kat Casey on December 21, 2015

Article written by: Adam Hall - 

2015-12-17 09:00:00 system warn 00515 Admin user username1 has logged on via SSH from

2015-12-17 09:00:00 system warn 00528 SSH: Password authentication successful for admin user ‘username1’ at host

According to the above log, user ‘username1’ has logged into a...
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Automation in Network Security: Friend or Foe

Posted by Kat Casey on October 08, 2015
Blog article featured on the Palo Alto Networks website.

If you are like most security professionals, you probably feel overwhelmed just thinking about your to-do list: update policies, run reports, extend protections, analyze results, find hidden threats, manage multiple deployments… That list is endless.

Automation seems to be the perfect answer, but most security...
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Quadrant’s Bluedot and Real Malware Detection

Posted by Kat Casey on September 08, 2015

Article authored by Adam Hall, Senior Systems Administrator at Quadrant Information Security

On August 14 2015, news was released about Russian anti-virus company Kaspersky Labs generating ‘Fake’ Malware files to cause competitors software to classify benign data as malicious (Keane, 2015; Menn, 2015).  Two former Kaspersky employees claim that the company has been attempting to damage...
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Levels & Value of Information within Our Reporting :: Accessibility of Security-Related Network Data

Posted by Kat Casey on July 29, 2015

Collaborative content, data and intelligence from Bryant Schumaker.

We strive to provide a good set of defined metrics that allow admins to clearly communicate to executives. We further strive to always arm our customers well for due diligence…whatever, whenever and however they need. There is an advantageous uniqueness in having all the data,...
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