Product Updates

Product Updates: Sagan Console 4.1.0 and API v2

May 3, 2023

We're excited to share some important Quadrant updates that are significantly enhancing customer performance and control!

API v2 is Now Live

The latest-and-greatest API moves away from time-centric retrieval, affording the retrieval of alerts based on their content. Customers can also sort their data by fields and “page” through enormous data sets. Similar to API v1, streaming of requested data will remain an option for those who prefer it.

Full documentation is available at  

To generate your API key:

  1. Log into your Quadrant Console

  2. Navigate to “Company Settings” (Gear Icon ⚙️)

  3. Select “Quadrant API” and “Generate API Key”

Console 4.1.0 Upgrade

Console 4.1.0 brings new performance enhancements that let you operate faster than ever. A few key updates in this release:

  • New SSO/SAML2 integration allows you to completely control the Quadrant console from your SSO provider, allowing you to grant/revoke user privileges, edit user data (mobile phone number, office number, etc.), call notes, and “authorized to modify” functionality.  

  • Our Malware Detonation Platform has been migrated to CapeV2 running Windows 11. 

  • Improved multi-tenant support, allowing for better navigation when a service provider uses our solutions to access multiple client alerts. 

  • Tighter integration and blocking with Microsoft Defender, Sentinel One, and Carbon Black, allowing our SOC to “take action” (block) systems when malicious activity is detected. Similar support for CrowdStrike is coming soon! 

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