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Levels & Value of Information within Our Reporting :: Accessibility of Security-Related Network Data

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We strive to provide a good set of defined metrics that allow admins to clearly communicate to executives. We further strive to always arm our customers well for due diligence…whatever, whenever and however they need. There is an advantageous uniqueness in having all the data, as well as the experts that developed and manage the technology.

Levels of information

I. The Spectrum
Understanding that different stakeholders will have different needs, Quadrant provides the resources to fill the spectrum from executive periodic reporting to incident investigation. For more common information needs, Quadrant offers powerful tools to its clients so that they can instantly get to the information they require. If additional datasets are needed, Quadrant can perform on-demand data pulls.

II. Executive Summary Information – qVision© Report Builder
In order to relay meaningful summary information to the executive team, Quadrant has developed a report builder platform for security administrators and their team members. Called qVision©, this online system facilitates custom report template creation from which reports can be generated at any time and from anywhere.

III. Ongoing Operational Information – Sagan™ Console
The day-to-day operations of the security team will typically need the ability to drill down into data relating to specific events. The Sagan™ Console provides that capability. Security team members can review log entries, network packets and other information related to a given security issue.

IV. One-off, Custom Information – the Human Factor
One of the greatest aspects of the Quadrant paradigm is the availability of its highly skilled analysts – the human factor.  When data is needed that is not available through the reporting system or console, Quadrant team members are there to provide the data in short order. Quadrant’s analysts have a thorough understanding of the underlying data and methods for linking them in ways which will maximize their usefulness.

Value of information

I. Visibility :: on-demand and monthly executive reporting within both our Sagan™ Console and web-based qVision©. Clear and concise visibility into your security environment at anytime, anywhere.

II. Speed & Flexibility :: because we own and maintain the systems, we have agility and flexibility in innovating and providing accuracy in our reporting. We know the data, we have a lot of data, and we know how to work with the data. We can provide quick and effective communication tools to CISOs with the ability to measure security efforts and initiatives. Additionally, quick responsiveness from our Quadrant analysts and experts for custom reporting or specific data requests.

III. Intelligence :: we continue to provide smarter technology for our customers with threat intelligence, feedback loop and the ability to update our technology as the threat landscape constantly evolves.

IV. Customer-focused expertise :: we equip our customers with the reporting they need for due diligence and communications. We also implement rules and reporting needs across the board that is available for all customers.  We listen and we execute based on your needs, and in turn this benefits all our customers. The power is in our people.  Although we have data records in the billions and a smart technology platform with Sagan™, all of these tools are only as good as the people behind them.

At Quadrant, we believe in the power of managed SIEM. We believe that people + product delivers the most effective protection for your data. Security expertise analyzing, managing, and reporting on your information by way of our own proprietary technologies and SOC. Along with our expertise and technology, comes heart. We care about our customers, and keeping them safe is our number one priority.

With Sagan Technology and true security analysts at your service this is the kind of visibility you can have for your organization and security team. We know that threats are often unpredictable, but with real time detection and threat intelligence analyzing a data set of threats globally, Quadrant can be your partner with the most valuable security services.

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