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Ransomware Detection Services & Solutions

Detect and prevent ransomware attacks before they occur.

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Get the upper hand over hackers and prevent suspicious activity from going unnoticed

As a premier enterprise security service provider, our goal is to deliver the most advanced ransomware detection and removal solutions to your business.

Our Sagan Solution can proactively detect ransomware activity with ransomware detection and removal tools that secure your network from every type of malware.

Get all the benefits of an MSSP, Security Operations Center (SOC), and security information and event management (SIEM) from a single vendor. Our monthly costs cover everything you need, from deployment to monitoring.

Detect ransomware with ease with customized anti ransomware tools and security software installed by our security analysts that identify and report the presence of suspicious activity on your network in real time.

Managed by senior-level security engineers, our Security Operations Center (SOC) provides ongoing network monitoring and immediately alerts you upon detection of a potential ransomware attack.

Our engineers deploy your Sagan software, hardware and security tools quickly and efficiently at no additional cost to you.

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How to Detect Ransomware With Quadrant

Prevent Attacks With Proactive Domain Tracking

Detect potential ransomware attack attempts before they affect your network with proactive domain tracking services provided through Sagan.

As part of our ransomware detection and removal services, Sagan can actively prevent ransomware threats by tracking all incoming emails and monitoring unusual domains for suspicious activity.

Our domain tracking services monitor any changes made to your business’s domains. If any changes are discovered, the Sagan console is updated with information about:

  • Suspicious domains
  • IP address modifications
  • Adding IP addresses to suspicious domains

A Closer Look at Our Ransomware Detection and Removal Services


Ransomware detection from our Security Operations Center

10+ Years

Experience as an industry leader in ransomware detection techniques


Upfront costs upon signing

Ransomware Detection

Ransomware Detection and Removal for All Industries

Partner with Quadrant and benefit from proactive ransomware detection techniques that detects and detonates ransomware threats at the source to prevent recursion.

Backed by over a decade of enterprise security experience, our team provides you with:

Rapidly deploy your Sagan software and hardware at no additional cost with assistance from our team of engineers.

Sagan leverages cloud technology to securely transmit ransomware attack data to our Security Operations Center to ensure complete accessibility for your team.

Case Studies

Healthcare Provider

Healthcare client needed to reassess their security strategy around compliance, monitoring, and working remotely.

National Retail Chain

The customer needed to replace a SIEM product and outsource their network security monitoring.

Accounting Firm

A complete security solution that reduced the burden on the staff so they can focus on more essential activities to the firm.

Witness the Evolution of Ransomware Detection

When your network is under a ransomware attack, hackers hold your important files hostage until you pay the ransom.

Avoid this dire situation with Quadrant as your reliable anti-malware partner. We utilize industry-leading ransomware detection techniques to defend your data to ultimately avoid a hefty ransom payment.

Our ransomware detection tool actively works to prevent ransomware from affecting your operations to help you maintain business continuity.

As a trusted leader in ransomware detection, Quadrant’s experienced security engineers have your budget in mind when deploying the latest security tools.

Easily detect ransomware and keep your data out of harm’s way with direct access to:

We regularly update our BlueDot threat intelligence database to stay informed about the latest ransomware developments.

Our dedicated security analysts provide ongoing support using the cutting-edge anti-ransomware tools to alert you of potential ransomware attacks.

We frequently update the Sagan Solution with new features to ensure your enterprise receives the latest anti-ransomware tools at no additional cost.

Step up your network security with superior coverage that seamlessly combines the power of SOC, SIEM, MSSP and IDS/IPS capabilities into a reliable unified solution.

Ransomware Detection Services

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