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Release of the APT Deflector (Patent Pending): True Quality Context, Threat Intelligence Advancement

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Jul 08, 2016 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Quadrant Information Security announced at an exclusive event in Jacksonville, Florida last night, the release of the APT Deflector (patent pending). This intelligent threat intelligence process is a component to our overall Sagan Solution, and our threat intelligence engine, BlueDot.

“We have to stay creative and continue to add functionality to our Sagan Solution and supporting technology. We have to continue to provide our customers with useful and actionable data that allows them to contain incidents and ultimately remediate these problems in a timely manner,” expressed Ian Bush, president at Quadrant Information Security. “The addition of APT Deflector helps us provide additional value moving forward.”

There is an essential need for context and data quality in the threat intelligence processes, and our APT Deflector (patent pending) has this ‘quality over quantity’ approach. Within our threat intelligence processes we also utilize traditional means for collecting big data, but the uniqueness of the APT Deflector is to create an illusion for the most sophisticated attackers, and then collect data and process intelligence on their behavior, approach and action – true quality context.

“The threat intelligence community is evolving and advancing everyday, and as much as we as analysts understand that and continue to evolve, so do the attackers. Simple changes in an attacker’s tactics can leave traditional ‘threat intelligence’ useless,” stated Champ Clark III, CTO at Quadrant Information Security.

“We collect data and study the advanced attacker’s behavior in our controlled environment. This data can then be relayed to the targeted client, and all the while, the attacker believes they have successfully compromised the target. We are creating true quality context to our threat intelligence processes.”

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