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Case Study

Public accounting firm partners with Quadrant

January 25, 2021

A public accounting and business consulting firm within the financial industry


The customer needed to enhance their security posture while keeping employee costs at current levels. They also had numerous network devices that generated log files that needed to be reviewed, which was far too labor intensive to do by hand or fully in-house. The significant labor needs given the massive number of logs to review would have made it likely for a security alert to be missed, thus leading to a compromised system. Additionally, security systems may not have stayed up to date with the latest signatures, further making the customer vulnerable to developing threats.


The number of current and future systems that needed to be managed and reviewed was too much to do manually, and the customer needed to find a trusted 3rd party vendor who could automate this review process and send out alerts in real-time.

With Quadrant’s Sagan Technology solution, they were very confident that their systems were always monitored, and were equally confident that their internal security analysts were able to react to alerts in near real-time.

The customer saved significant time and money, while ensuring that all internal systems were protected with Quadrant’s solution in place.


Quadrant put together a complete security solution that monitors their systems 24x7 and reduces the burden on the staff, which ensures that the customer can focus on more value-add activities that are important to the firm. Additionally, not having multiple systems with numerous licenses and maintenance plans has saved the customer real dollars, as well as administration time.

“I recommend Quadrant as a valued security partner for any company that has limited time and resources but needs to ensure their systems are monitored continuously by electronic means, with a human final review.” - CIO




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