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Case Study

Quadrant Develops Custom Solution for National Retail Chain

January 25, 2021

A national retail chain for clothing and accessories, plus a variety of housewares and home decor.


The customer needed to replace an aged SIEM product and outsource the monitoring of their security network in order to focus on other key strategic initiatives. Prior to Quadrant, the customer had an unsupported SIEM, and two full-time internal resources dedicated to managing, analyzing, and reporting. It proved to be an ineffective and inefficient utilization of resources, and the customer knew there was a need for a better overall solution.


Outsourcing a portion of the security environment allowed the customer to focus on other strategic initiatives, while feeling confident that Quadrant was handling the heavy lifting of monitoring their environment 24/7/365. The deployment was easily executed and managed, and the ability to quickly create custom reports was effortless.

In addition, Quadrant offset the cost of two full-time employees. Instead of having to increase headcount and exhaust the budget, the customer was able to reallocate these resources to provide other critically needed functions. Overall, saving the customer significant time and money.

“After our first few “critical” alerts and seeing how quickly and seriously the Quadrant team addressed them, I feel wholly confident in their ability to act as a part of our team and protect our resources. Quadrant is continuing to evolve their reporting ability to provide even more value on a daily basis,” expressed their Managing Security Architect.


Quadrant’s Sagan Solution has caught multiple instances of different malware before the customer’s endpoint protection caught it internally. One particular instance was a cryptolocker, and the customer was able to mitigate that incident before it spread or impacted any other resources. Quadrant has also detected instances of external attacks and afforded the customer the ability to implement controls before those attacks could take a foothold in their environment.

Furthermore, in one particular incident, Quadrant notified the customer’s security team of an .exe that went out to almost all of their store servers. After investigation, the customer discovered that it was an approved change, but it had not been properly communicated to the team.

It is critical for the customer to prove to leadership that they are always watching what is happening in their environment. Quadrant’s real-time detection, swift alerting and robust reporting continues to be a proven and valuable solution to the customer.

“Quadrant has acted as an extension of our team. They are quick to respond to any incidents, and quick to respond to any changes that we request. Quadrant has built a multitude of custom reports that we provide to our audit team, streamlining that process and building confidence with both our auditors and leadership. Quadrant has been an excellent addition to our team. They have provided value since day one and that value has continued to grow” - Managing Security Architect




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