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Case Study

Regional Healthcare Provider Receives Security Overhaul

January 25, 2021

A non-profit community healthcare provider covering Northeast Florida, serving over 10,000 patients and families every year with a mobile workforce of over 900 employees.


As a non-profit healthcare provider, our customer did not have the size, capacity, or expertise to fully support their organization from a security perspective. With the growing threat on healthcare organizations around data breach compliance, and the growth of their mobile workforce, they needed to reassess their security strategy.


Immediately, we helped them to identify their gaps and provide solutions that not only covered current demand and needs, but also pro-actively ensured that as things evolved in the cyber security arena, they would be protected. Just as any healthcare organization, several attempts to attack their systems occurred and we always responded to help secure, compartmentalize, and resolve any of those issues to keep the customer safe and in compliance.


Prior to bringing us on board, our customer had minimal and very reactionary oversight to security controls. They needed to move towards a more pro-active cyber security posture. Appreciating our level of knowledge and expertise, they knew no matter how serious an attack, that they had a great partner to protect them. Our customer also gained significant cost benefit. For them to internally deliver the same level of cyber security and protection across the organization, they would have had to make serious investments in technology, people, and training just to get to a reasonable level, and then would have to further invest to maintain it. They were able to leverage our technology and our people and gained the added benefit of our cumulative knowledge from supporting organizations across multiple industries and geographical locations. Our customer expressed that they would never have been able to achieve this level of insight and expertise on their own.

“Honestly we sleep better knowing we have that constant monitoring and support, and that they are working pro-actively to prevent any attack or incident. Any organization that wants to enhance their cyber security portfolio should consider Quadrant as a partner.” – CIO



Integrity. “We know that our partner’s integrity is without fail, and because of that, we are being protected.” - CIO

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