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Resources Case Studies

Case Study :: National Retail Chain

"Quadrant has acted as an extension of our team.  They are quick to respond to any incidents, and also quick to respond to any changes that we request.  Quadrant has built a multitude of custom reports that we provide to our audit team, streamlining that process and building confidence with both our auditors and leadership. Quadrant has been an excellent addition to our team.  They have provided value since day one and that value has continued to grow" - Managing Security Architect

The customer needed to replace an aged SIEM product and outsource the monitoring of their security network in order to focus on other key strategic initiatives. Prior to Quadrant, the customer had an unsupported SIEM and two full-time internal resources dedicated to managing, analyzing and reporting.  It proved to be an ineffective and inefficient utilization of resources, and the customer knew there was a need for a better overall solution... Read the full case study.

Case Study :: Regional Healthcare Provider


We know that our partner’s integrity is without resolve, and because of that, we are being protected.” - CIO

Prior to bringing Quadrant on board, the customer had minimal and very reactionary oversight to security controls. They needed to move toward a more pro-active cyber security posture...Click here to read the full Case Study.

Case Study :: RubinBrown LLP


Quadrant put together a complete security solution that monitors their systems 24x7 and reduces the burden on the staff, which ensures that the customer can focus on more value-add activities that are important to the firm...click here to ready the full case study.