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Sagan 3.0: New Features & Functionality

We have been working on Sagan 3.0 for several months now, and wanted to share with you some of the new features and functionality that you will experience in the console and via Quadrant support.

Some of the new UI/UX feature updates include:

  • New framework being used, which provides more security in production, and presents a cleaner design for user experience.
  • New UI supports Elasticsearch for rapid and faster raw log searching.
  • Improved user management, which allows you and your organization to directly control access to your organization’s console.
  • Improved “Two Factor” authentication support, which is more user friendly.
  • New back end “dynamic” reporting, which allows Quadrant to rapidly add new reporting metrics for our clients.

Some of the new log analysis engine feature updates include:

  • “Dynamic” rules allow Sagan to detect “new” logs entering the system and automatically enable rules upon detection.
  • Improved performance which allows Sagan to ingest even more data than previously before, and this was accomplished by code updates and added support for PCRE JIT.
  • New methods to use Bluedot Threat Intelligence.  For example, Sagan now understands different hash formats identified during log analysis (MD5, SHA256, etc).

Please feel free to contact us to walk through any of these updates, and expect to see these new features roll out before end of year.

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