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BlueDot Threat Intelligence

Our Intelligent Threat Intelligence

Blacklists often lack context that is required for decisive action. Quadrant Information Security is aware of the shortcomings of reputation lists. BlueDot, Quadrant’s intelligent threat intelligence system, is designed to combat reputational deficiencies and garner a new paradigm of threat detection technology.

Powered by Sagan, BlueDot is a comprehensive and cyclical process that analyzes a variety of system and network artifacts in real-time in order to identify emerging threats to our customers. With this intelligence process as a part of our overall Sagan Solution, we can share this data with all of our customers, which is controlled and managed by our SOC analysts. Context is king and all data, hostile connections, hashes and malicious activity are vetted, analyzed, alerted on and after verification, is entered back into our BlueDot intelligence.

BlueDot aggregates and processes information from honeypots, malware research, and incidents assessed by Quadrant Information Security’s skilled team of Security Analysts in order to find relationships and context between attack data. Information from BlueDot feeds Sagan’s real-time detection capabilities. Then, analysts can use historical threat data to correlate attacks between adversaries and industries. New threats observed may provide new indicators and identification of known indicators, which lead to the overall collection of threat indicators. BlueDot strives for our data to be “quality over quantity” and to ensure that decision makers in your organization are performing their duties with the most accurate and actionable intelligence.