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Sagan Technology Latest Release Includes Malware Detonation

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Sep 05, 2017 (BUSINESS WIRE) –– Quadrant Information Security announces the next release of their Sagan Technology, which will include a new Malware Detonation component. This release will allow Sagan sensors the ability to extract files traversing the customer infrastructure, and detonate these files in a secure off-premise cloud environment.

“Adversaries are getting smarter and it is our job to continue to develop detective controls which will help identify malicious activity for our customers. We look at this new technology as yet another way to identify these attacks outside of general Log and Packet analysis,” expressed Champ Clark III, CTO at Quadrant Information Security.

Quadrant is now able to proactively monitor attacks based on both behavior and signature based technology. The Sagan Solution is now more than SIEM. It has evolved into an ecosystem that serves as an all-inclusive security solution.

“Customers rely on us to be their eyes and ears, and pay us to Identify, Validate, and Report attacks. In order for us to keep pace with the attackers, we must continually add functionality to our platform and arm our analysts with all the tools necessary to protect our customer base. We are extremely excited about this new release,” explained Ian Bush, president at Quadrant Information Security.

Quadrant is currently in the process of deploying this new functionality for select customers selected into the beta program, which will last for 60 – 90 days. All customers will be up and running, as well as trained, shortly thereafter.

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