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Security Information and Event Management Solutions

24/7/365 detection and response delivered by security team of senior-level security engineers

Award-Winning SIEM Services

Instantly Respond To Threats Before They Impact Your Business

A full service one-stop shop for all SIEM services. The Sagan solution is an industry leading security information and event management (SIEM) system.

Unlike other MSSPs, you get all the tools and services you need at one monthly cost. No multiple vendors, add ons, or fees.

Get all the elements of a managed SIEM service, IDS, and MSSP in a single software solution. Sagan’s monthly cost covers everything from installation to monitoring.

Senior-level security engineers monitor your environment 24/7, alerting you of any threats and intrusions from our Security Operations Center (SOC).

Sagan monitors your environment for security threats so you can focus on other mission-critical activities.

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What Clients Say About Quadrant Security Event and Incident Management

Quadrant’s SIEM Security Information and Event Management Services

Benefit from an All-Inclusive SIEM Solution

Unlike other forms of managed SIEM software where each component incurs additional costs, Sagan provides all the tools you need in a single solution. 

Enjoy peace of mind from the moment you deploy Sagan within your enterprise with direct access to:

  • Log retention and reporting
  • Behavioural analytics
  • Incident response
  • Malware detonation
  • Honey pots
  • Threat detection and intelligence
  • And more

Our security engineers monitor your enterprise environment 24/7 from our SOC-2.

Why Trust Quadrant with Security Information and Event Management?


Years providing SIEM solutions


Upfront or setup costs upon deployment


Event monitoring and management from our SOC

All-Inclusive Security Solution

Sagan software is more than just a SIEM solution. It includes everything you need to protect your entire enterprise from threats:

Sagan is a complete cybersecurity ecosystem that includes pieces other companies would charge for separately, including SIEM, IDS/IPS, and MSSP.

Installation, hardware, and complete management of your Sagan system is included in one monthly cost.

Case Studies

Healthcare Provider

Healthcare client needed to reassess their security strategy around compliance, monitoring, and working remotely.

National Retail Chain

The customer needed to replace a SIEM product and outsource their network security monitoring.

Accounting Firm

A complete security solution that reduced the burden on the staff so they can focus on more essential activities to the firm.

Effortless SIEM Upgrades

With Quadrant as one of the leading SIEM vendors, you get the best enterprise security solution available without having to worry about upgrades or service deficiencies.

The Sagan is the best all-in-one SIEM, IDS/IPS, and MSSP combined security solution on the market. There’s nowhere to upgrade.

We regularly add new features and capabilities to the Sagan solution at no additional cost. Consistently have the latest SIEM security solution without the cost or effort.

Security Information and Event Management
security information and event management (SIEM) system

SIEM for Any Environment

No matter where you do business, Quadrant’s security information and event management solution will work for you:

If you operate using a traditional data center, we’ll install all hardware and software without additional cost.

The Sagan software solution can also operate in the cloud for server-less security event management.

Try the Sagan Software Solution for Free

Not sure if Quadrant’s Sagan software solution is right for your business? Try it for yourself.

We offer free trials of our award-winning Sagan security solution to qualified businesses. Contact us and see how Quadrant’s security solutions benefit your business.

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