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The Oz Behind Securing Infosec Technology :: the people

Why buy a Ferrari if you are not going to drive it? I mean unless you are Floyd Mayweather and literally drive a different color Bugatti depending on what city you are in.  But who has that kind of disposable capital budget?! Your data security is an investment and brings a complex and constantly evolving landscape of threats.  It’s critical to have the appliances, technologies, compliances, resources…but most critically the expertise to manage all of the information security demands.

So take your Ferrari for a drive…lay it out and enjoy it for all of its speed and luxury and wonder.  If you are investing in an expensive SIEM product it is only performing as well as you are driving it.  So leverage all the options with a MSSP expert to deploy, update, remediate and constantly monitor your data and protect your information. In as close to real time as humanly possible, all the time.

People + Product

This is the sweet spot, people plus product. The magical Oz behind the trending managed SIEM. The perfect pairing for protecting your data. Proper deployment of your SIEM, IDS/IPS and technologies, fused with the ongoing expertise, monitoring and remediation support.

You remain an expert at your craft, you must be, and this does not imply otherwise. But keep in mind that this magical Oz is not always easy to find and that yellow brick road is loaded with obstacles, flying monkeys and mystery. Oh my. So you need to have the right people to share in this responsibility, a true partner and expert.  True security analysts that can not only monitor and be your partner in crime, but also can deliver sound analysis reports and support you when the threats get real.

According to the Forrester Wave (TM) for 2014, device management and continuous monitoring are foundational. At its core, an MSSP must provide two kinds of basic services. These foundational services are security device management and continuous threat and breach monitoring. [1] Reinforcing the importance of people plus product.

It’s gifted multisourcing, the disciplined provisioning and blending of business and IT services from the optimal set of internal and external providers in the pursuit of business goals. The ability to multisource well requires strategy, governance and an innate trust within these relationships. [2]

The next hero and crisis in security

The importance of trusting the right security expertise is a flourishing business case for MSSP, but is becoming critical on a much larger, global level. We need to keep developing, cultivating and retaining this talent. The people are a key component to the positive business outcomes in the information security formula.

“The next national security crisis may not be a terrorist attack on a commercial airplane, or our nation’s water supply, or even one that shuts down the critical infrastructure. The next national security crisis, instead, may be a lack of ability to mitigate or respond to such an attack because frankly, there’s no one available to mitigate the attack or respond to it.

There is an IT security skills shortage that’s occurring right as the volume and sophistication of cyber and physical attacks continues to rise. The sophistication of the technology and tactics used by online criminals – and their nonstop attempts to breach network security and steal data – have outstripped the ability of IT and security professionals to address threats. Most organizations do not have the people or the systems to monitor their networks consistently and to determine how they are being infiltrated.” – Diane Richey, Why the Security Talent Gap Is the Next Big Crisis, Security Magazine May 2014 [3]

The benefit of a partner that delivers people + product :: the managed SIEM advantage.

Your hardware and technology performing properly and successfully with the human expertise and dedicated resources behind it, equals information security bliss. The world of security can be complex and scary, so having a true partner to share in this responsibility is the sound solution to keeping you safe from threats and in compliance. A few of the managed SIEM benefits (which you likely already know, but it’s nice to be reminded):

  • Proper SIEM deployment limits the occurance of false positives, validates your data and security performance, and allows for accurate log and packet analysis. If enhanced with sound technology, it further allows for visibility and near real-time detections.
  • Dedicated monitoring and responsiveness allows you to mitigate the damage of threats, and better protects your information without a drain on internal resources.  24/7/365 monitoring is a ‘must have’ demand, and a clear need.
  • Utilizing the shared responsibility of a dedicated SOC is a powerful out of the box solution. Casting a larger data net outside of the limitation of just your own data is invaluable to detection.  More big data and a wider landscape of threat intelligence ultimately results in better protection.
  • Save money. Enough said.

So put on your cape because leveraging people plus product will make you look like the CISO multisourcing super star of the Emerald City. Leverage true experts in a world where they are a dying breed and in crucial demand. Protect your valuable information, save your company money and utilize your resources brilliantly.

This article is brought to you by Quadrant Information Security, a proud advocate, practitioner and sponsor of the people + product approach to managed SIEM.  Learn more about our Sagan + MSSP story.

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