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All-Inclusive Security Solution

Our Sagan Solution is more than SIEM. It has evolved into an ecosystem that serves as an all-inclusive security solution. At Quadrant, we serve as the eyes and ears for our clients. Our solution provides the power and security of 24/7/365 monitoring, notification and remediation assistance by true security professionals, supported by ever evolving threat detection technologies and techniques.

Attacks take place around the clock. Many of these threats are not always identified through log analysis or packet inspection alone. Along with these technologies, Quadrant further utilizes Honeypots, human analysis (SOC) and our Malware Detonation Platform, all of which populate our proprietary BlueDot threat intelligence database and are shared across our global client base.

Adversaries are always on the move. Their tools and techniques are constantly changing and it is our job to continually enhance our solution and develop technologies that allow us to identify, validate and report threats for our clients.

The Difference

Traditional SIEM Traditional IDS Traditional MSSP Quadrant's Sagan Solution
FPC/IPCAP Additional Fee
IDS/IPS Additional Fee N/A Yes
META Data Additional Fee Additional Fee
53 Week Log Retention Additional Fee N/A Additional Fee
Custom Rule
Standard Rule 8000+
Behavioral Analytics Additional Fee Additional Fee Additional Fee
Incidence Response Additional Fee
Threat Intel Additional Fee Additional Fee
Real Time Additional Fee Additional Fee
Malware Detonation Additional Fee
Honey Pots
24/7/365 SOC Additional Fee
Proactive Domain Squatting Detection
Pastebin Scraping
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What Our Clients Have To Say!

Quadrant is a great vendor to work with. Their sales team is well supported by technical expertise and a great services bench. The flexibility of SAGAN is great allowing us to create custom correlation searches and implement use cases that may be more difficult using other products. Being able to do schema on read with log data gives the flexibility to iteratively develop custom parsers and normalization logic fast. The implementation of the common information model allows us to decouple our parser regex from our detection logic, which means we can scale more easily. Quadrant is helpful and supportive of system and issues. Training is well laid out and easy to access. Support issues are responded to in a timely manner and CTO is responsive to requests and customizations.

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Latest Blog

Sagan rule update!

This is a large rule update which is long over due.  This rule update  improves the detection,  accuracy and preformance of Sagan.   For more informatin about Sagan see: * Sagan Rule ChangeLog - 2018/11/08 * New watchguard.rules!

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