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All-Inclusive Security Solution

Our Sagan Solution is more than SIEM. It has evolved into an ecosystem that serves as an all-inclusive security solution. At Quadrant, we serve as the eyes and ears for our clients. Our solution provides the power and security of 24/7/365 monitoring, notification and remediation assistance by true security professionals, supported by ever evolving threat detection technologies and techniques.

THE SAGAN ECOSYSTEM : All-Inclusive Security Solution

Attacks take place around the clock. Many of these threats are not always identified through log analysis or packet inspection alone. Along with these technologies, Quadrant further utilizes Honeypots, human analysis (SOC) and our Malware Detonation Platform, all of which populate our proprietary BlueDot threat intelligence database and are shared across our global client base.

Adversaries are always on the move. Their tools and techniques are constantly changing and it is our job to continually enhance our solution and develop technologies that allow us to identify, validate and report threats for our clients.

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Latest Blog

Using Jack Crook’s log analysis concepts with Sagan

* Note:  This blog was updated Jan 30th, 2018.   We've updated some of the rules after testing in produciton enviroments.  Rule that do not have updates are considered stable and already providing value.  Several months ago I started following a fellow "log junkie" on Twitter named Jack Crook (Twitter: @jackcr).  He...

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