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In this episode of Breaking Badness, Quadrant's Champ Clark and Steven Drenning-Blalock join to discuss a recent client security event orchestrated by the re-emerging Black Basta Ransomware group.

BB Backend Ops

Insights gleaned regarding “backend operations” of Black Basta during a recent offensive attack that took place in one of our client environments.

The Evolution of MDR image

Examining the origins and evolution of Managed Detection and Response, as well as where the solution is going.

Suricon Athens 2022

Quadrant CTO, Champ Clark III, re-examines the concept of network data points in security, reviewing a recent presentation given at Suricon Athens 2022.

Putting the R in MDR

Quadrant has had the ability to stop attacks at the network level for many years. Over the past year, however, we’ve also been hard at work developing the capabilities to ‘reach’ into an “endpoint” (EDR) to stop an attack.

Busy cybersecurity call center office space

In this article, we’ll look at SIEM solutions as they relate to cybersecurity and what managed SIEM pricing might look like, both when deployed independently and as part of a managed security service.

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