Cyber for PE

Why Private Equity Firms should make cybersecurity diligence as important as “quality of earnings” for New Acquisitions, plus actionable tips to evaluate.

Product Updates

Important Quadrant updates that are significantly enhancing customer performance and control!

live webinar

Available OnDemand, this webinar on "Stopping an Active Attack: Thwarting Black Basta", dives deep into the technical analysis of the techniques and tactics used during a recent attack on a customer environment.

Killnet Threat Alert

Quadrant Threat Analysis, detailing research performed by our Malware Threat Analysis team on the Russian-affiliated Killnet hack-for-hire group.

Back to Basics: Ransomware

Coming off our successful mitigation of a Black Basta ransomware attack, we take a step back to review some ransomware basics and how to prepare.

MDR plus EDR

Quadrant Security and SentinelOne partner to bring joint Endpoint Detection and Managed Response to the market.

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