Putting the R in MDR

Quadrant has had the ability to stop attacks at the network level for many years. Over the past year, however, we’ve also been hard at work developing the capabilities to ‘reach’ into an “endpoint” (EDR) to stop an attack.

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In this article, we’ll look at SIEM solutions as they relate to cybersecurity and what managed SIEM pricing might look like, both when deployed independently and as part of a managed security service.

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Your organization’s incident response (IR) process is a critical aspect of your security posture because it specifies the actions you will take in the critical hours and days after you suspect a security breach.

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Quadrant Information Security announced today that its Open Source Security Event Management and Analyzer Application, SAGAN, has been named one of the Best Open Source Networking and Security Software in InfoWold’s 2012 Best of Open Source Softwa

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Real cybersecurity requires more than technology because there is no “silver bullet” app or software that provides fail-safe protection against all existing and emerging cyber threats.

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Quadrant Information Security is happy to announce several new and incredible features in our customer console!

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