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What is typo squatting? Typosquatting is a way to capitalize on the mistakes and misspellings users might make when typing a URL into their web browser.

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By following this email security best practice list and email security tips, you can improve corporate email security. These improvements will protect your company from falling victim to one of the largest attack vectors in existence.

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Attempting to find all the network security threats and vulnerabilities for your organization can prove to be an arduous task.

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To help detect the ‘Real Malware,’ Quadrant uses their Bluedot system. Quadrant performs their own in-house sandbox testing of files to determine if they are malicious.

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There are three primary vectors that an attacker can use to compromise a network — the hardware, the software, and the user. But whatever vector the attacker is using, the key is identifying and stopping the attack quickly and effectively.

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This is a large rule update which is long over due.  This rule update  improves the detection,  accuracy and performance of Sagan.

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